Wedding Photography

We know this is your special day and having lots of beautiful pictures taken only enhances the good memories you made that day, so the most important area of our service is the photographing of the wedding. We also know that there are no re-takes when it comes to your wedding and do everything we can to safeguard your memories.

So let Premier Photography make lots of good memorable pictures just for you!

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We begin by preparing our equipment one week in advance of the wedding day. Batteries are charged; memory cards are formatted; lenses and lens filters are cleaned; cameras, flashes and studio lights are tested. Each and every item is then checked off an equipment checklist and packed into one of our watertight Pelican™ hard cases.

While we use only reliable professional-grade equipment, we know that malfunction is always a possibility. Premier photographers have duplicate equipment so that if a malfunction occurs, they can simply switch to their backup and continue working seamlessly. 


On the morning of the wedding, we connect with the wedding organizer or primary contact to confirm the schedule of events for the day. We always arrive promptly on location ready to work, with both soft and hard copies of the contacts list, the wedding day timeline and maps to each location. Clad in black attire and assuming an unobtrusive manner, we do our best to minimize our presence at weddings to help create a relaxed atmosphere for all - particularly for the bride and groom.

A thorough understanding of the technical side of photography allows us to focus our attention on capturing every special moment - from the anticipation during the bridal preparations, to the momentous ceremony, to the jubilant reception. Our service incorporates all categories of photographs: close-up shots of the details, classically lit family formals, romantic bride and groom portraits, journalistic candids, ultrawide panoramas - we have your wedding covered!



With so many venues available these days, choosing a wedding location can seem quite discouraging.

It’s probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding day so we understand the importance of it and the importance of capturing your precious moments within your chosen Venue.

Indoor or outdoor, gardens or in the heart of nature, all your photos will be present your choice of venue in its
full splendour!


The images from your wedding are valuable to us. And we go to great lengths to ensure that they are preserved.

First, we use cameras that record each image to two memory cards simultaneously. Should one memory card become corrupt and unreadable (and this does happen) a backup is available. Next, we copy all images to our primary image editing workstation, which itself has a backup storage system. We then copy all images to our secondary image editing workstation. Finally, we copy all images to a Blu-ray Disc which we move to an off-site location.

In total, we painstakingly generate SIX copies of all your wedding photographs. At this point, we move on to the Image Editing process.